Car Dock Accessory for Nexus One Available From Google for $55

Image courtesy of Google

One of the big wins in buying an iPod or iPhone is the huge selection of accessories available. It is reaonably easy to find a case, portable speaker system, or automobile stereo integration device. Google appears to be building its own limited but useful set of accessories for its HTC Nexus One. The accessory now totals three: Desktop Dock, Spare Battery, and, starting this week the:

New! Nexus One Car Dock now available

This $55 accessory includes built-in speakers, volume control, and car charger. It provides, Google says, hands free access. But, I’m not sure how this is so after playing with the Nexus One Car Home app for a while tonight.

You order this accessory from:

Nexus One Phone & Accessories page

And, you can learn more about it at:

Choosing Nexus One: Car Dock