Car IQ – Smarter than it looks

When is a trivia application more than a trivia application? Well, when it’s also a personal site, a car discussion site, a mechanic sharing location, and much more. That’s Car IQ by CarGurus.

The “game play” element of Car IQ is its trivia quiz. It’s pretty standard fare – the game shows you a car and you identify its make. As you answer more questions, you level up and get more difficult questions. Pretty standard stuff.

What interesting about Car IQ is the other elements. You can upload an image of your car and discuss its merits and story. You can also share your favorite mechanic or search for one in your area. You can discuss cars, post stories, and pretty much become a regular car guru. It’s a nice extension of Facebook’s social networking abilities, and with 250,000 monthly active users, will likely satisfy the gear-heads out there.

Gameplay: 6 (it’s just trivia)

Development: 7

Social Aspects: 9

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