Leubsdorf Claims 50 Years in D.C. Journalism

During MSNBC’s “The Daily Rundown’s “shameless plugs” segment this morning, USA Today Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page without any shame whatsoever gave the shout-out to her husband, Carl P. Leubsdorf Sr.

She began, “50 years ago almost to the day, Carl P. Leubsdorf arrived in Washington to work as the overnight reporter for the Associated Press. He is still writing a column for the Dallas Morning News.”

Asked about his 50th anniversary and to point out stark differences between the press then and now, Leubsdorf told FishbowlDC: “It’s been wonderful to have had such a ringside seat for all of the highs of the past 50 years _ the success of the civil rights revolution bearing its ultimate fruit in Barack Obama’s election _ and the lows _ John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the Vietnam war and the growing governmental gridlock,” said Leubsdorf by email. “I can’t wait to see what will happen next, but it will be something interesting.”

And the press then and now?

“The press corps was much smaller and everybody knew one another,” he continued. “Most Americans got their Washington news from us, rather than from live TV coverage and the Internet. Scheduled events like congressional committee action were more important, and far more events were closed to press coverage. Print reporters still dominated; there were only a few TV journalists.”

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