Entertainment Tonight’s Carly Steel Credits Good Luck and an ‘Ability to Blag’

Scottish native retraces her plucky U.S. career steps.

The origins of the word “blag” are unknown. But it’s a colorful word, meaning in one of its definitions the ability to obtain something through skillful persuasion.

Blag is put to good use in a profile of Entertainment Tonight correspondent Carly Steel (pictured) published in the Daily Record, a newspaper in the entertainment journalist’s native Scotland. Steel tells contributor Jenny Morrison that she “definitely blagged my way” into a job in New York with Vogue, as an assistant to the managing editor, after arriving here at age 19.

Similar skills were put to use later on, in a coffee shop:

“One day, I was out getting my boss coffee, the day after the Met Ball in New York, and in the queue in front of me I saw the anchor of the [TV Guide Network] show Entertainment News. For about 10 minutes, I tried to pluck up the courage to tap her on the shoulder and finally I did.”

“I told her I thought the work she did was so cool and said I would love to work for her company. She asked me where I worked and when I said Vogue, we just kept chatting.”

“She gave me her email and a few weeks later, I flew to L.A. for an interview and ended up getting a job there as they were wanting to build up their fashion department.”

Steel’s first celebrity interview subject was Richard Gere at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, where many West Coast press junkets are held. She says she was so nervous, she threw up beforehand in a hotel restroom. Read the rest of Morrison’s interview here, which includes a number of fun photos.

By the way, the uber-talented Steel, now 28, graduated at age 19 with a law degree and actually had a job lined up with a London firm. But the company told her to take a year off, and she fortuitously chose New York. She joined Entertainment Tonight in 2014.

Photo of Steel in Malibu via: Twitter

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