Bartz Unleashes the Fury When Talking About How She Was Fired

Remember what we said yesterday about not burning any bridges when an employee is fired? Well I guess since she was fired over the phone, Carol Bartz doesn’t give a flying fig about manners.

In a story that she brought to Fortune, Bartz said, “These people fucked me over,” used the word “balls,” as in she wasn’t sure if Yahoo chairman Roy Bostock had any, and said the company’s board of directors are “doofuses.” Oh my. That’s a funny one.

She does have kind words for the company as a whole and interim CEO Tim Morse, so there’s that. And Bartz does have a history of speaking plainly, so you know what you’re getting when you mix it up with her.

In analyzing the reasons for why she was fired, it looks like Yahoo is sticking with the business facts: the company wasn’t reaching goals, it hasn’t been able to keep up, and there are issues making money. For their part, the board, and particularly Jerry Yang, aren’t getting rave reviews either.

But again, the problems at Yahoo go above and beyond anything to do with comms. Perhaps once they get their business sorted, they’ll be in a better state to talk about it.

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