Carrie and Co. Come to iPhone: Bushnell’s The Carrie Diaries Enhanced eBook App

You know you love Sex and the City, at least the TV show. Plus some secret part of you, whoever you are, is excited for the upcoming sequel to the movie. To secretly sate that secret appetite, you can also dig in to Candace Bushnell’s newest book about Carrie Bradshaw, a prequel to the books that spawned the craze: The Carrie Diaries, which comes out today as a book, eBook, and enhanced eBook app [iTunes link].

The app, created by Enhanced Editions for HarperCollins, features an audiobook that reads aloud while showing you the text (like a kids’ eBook!), video content, and “night mode,” which isn’t anything sexy, just white text on a black background. It’s $14.99 from iTunes. The Kindle edition costs good old $9.99.

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