Carson of Downton Abbey Makes a Creepy Santa Claus in Greenpeace PSA

Before you ask: no, Carson will not be replacing Brody on Homeland.

Greenpeace recruited everyone’s favorite sexually repressed butler to spread the message about climate change by posing as Santa and warning that his home in the North Pole will soon disappear (and take Christmas along with it) thanks to the melting of Arctic ice.

As noted on the group’s blog, the campaign includes a “Save Santa’s Home” petition, though you’ll have to forgive us for wondering how giving the org your contact information will help curb climate change. Vladimir Putin isn’t going to listen to Madonna and Jude Law, no matter how many millions of anonymous signers they have behind them.

Of course the anti-anthropogenic global warming crowd labels this another instance of “alarmist” nonsense, and CNN‘s Jeanne Moos took a moment to mock the concept with the help of some press releases from anti-AGW groups.

We might argue that these “global warming is a hoax” folks need to consider the fact that they represent a significant minority of the scientific community and that they are, more often than not, funded by the very energy interests who want to let the world know that there’s nothing to see here.

But given the recent state of American politics, we think they can rest assured that no related legislation will be passed in the near future and that Obama’s proposed tightening of regulations on carbon emissions will be met with the usual kicking and screaming “yer taking our freedom” act.

So yeah; bah humbug to you too.

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