Casey Kasem Still Aiming for Red-Letter Real Estate Day

We second the astonished tone of HuffPost Home associate editor Michelle Manetti.

In a weekend item, she expressed amazement that syndicated radio show legend Casey Kasem and wife Jean have their Holmby Hills home on the market for a whopping $42 million. What catches everyone’s attention is that if successful, the couple will reap something in the neighborhood of a 2500% profit. Not including any subsequent improvements, they paid under two million for the residence back in 1989. has a nice portfolio of pictures. There’s a heart-shaped pool and sunken tennis court in the back, four fireplaces, and much more.

Manetti and various other media folks were picking up on an April 5 “Hot Property” dispatch by Lauren Beale for the LA Times, probably in connection with the home being re-listed. But as with so many such items, the person who originally had the scoop last fall on the Kasems’ plans  was anon blogger The Realestalker.

In that item, the author notes that the Kasem neighbors include Jaclyn Smith, Connie Stevens, fashion mogul Max Azria and Betsey Bloomingdale. Kasem turns 81 on April 27.

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@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.