Casmul Social Platform Easily Socializes Your Mobile and Web Applications

As the mobile and social gaming space heats up, a number of technology companies are attempting to create social gaming platforms, and Casmul is a new entry to the group. By developing a technology platform that makes it easy for iPhone, Android and Flash game developers to plug in and access advanced social features, companies like Casmul attempt to develop their own meta-network of popular games and applications.

Specifically, Casmul provides social, multiplayer, multiplatform and business features for any application that uses its service. Under the social column, game developers can plug in to Casmul and immediately get access to leaderboards, achievements, invitations and integration into all major social networks. This saves a developer a lot of time re-creating a ton of features that already exist.

The multiplayer services featured by Casmul are some of the more interesting. By providing real-time strategy or MMO players with the programmatic API function calls to integrate into their servers, gamers can create full multiplayer games without worrying about server calls. Furthermore, Casmul actually offers players the ability to use the Casmul servers themselves, meaning that small companies don’t need to set up persistent servers to host their multiplayer games. I’m not sure how scalable these are, but it surely would be great for a start.

This is something that has been offered by competitors for years now, and one of the leading companies, J2Play, was acquired by EA last year. Heyzap is another competitor making waves, and time will tell which platform is the most effective. The Casmul Flash SDK is still in private Alpha, but we’ll post some news as soon as they make that public. Get more information about Casmul here, and see if it can’t help you create that game you’ve wanted to make.