Cate Blanchett Revisits Sensational Cannes Quote

Much ado about nothing.

In London for the U.K. premieres of Truth and Carol, Cate Blanchett sat down with The Guardian’s Xan Brooks for a delightful interview.

VarietyMay12CoverAmong the many topics touched on is a May 12 Variety cover story by the publication’s New York film editor Ramin Setoodeh. The good news for Setoodeh is that he got the Cannes words right; the bad news is that he, as many other journalists also would have, missed the wink-wink context of Blanchett’s purportedly salacious statement:

Following Carol’s Cannes press showing, Blanchett told a Variety reporter that she had personally had many relationships with women – which was technically true, in that she has friends and family and colleagues. But the resulting story went viral, and eclipsed the movie itself.

“Look,” she says, rolling her eyes at the memory, “I also just played Mary Mapes, who’s a journalist. No one asked me how long I’d been to journalism school. If I played someone who has an affair, I think a reporter would probably think twice before asking, ‘Ooh, how many affairs have you had?’ It would be a slightly delicate area. But there are no holds barred about asking me whether I’ve had relationships with women. And so I facetiously said, ‘Oh yes, I’ve had many relationships with women’ – because frankly, who hasn’t? Of course I said it in inverted commas. But the inverted commas didn’t make the page.”

Blanchett goes on to also correct the notion that she made her film debut as a teenager in the Egyptian boxing movie Crabs. Although the credit is not on her IMDb page, it has apparently erroneously dogged her elsewhere.

Finally, there is a great bit about Donald Trump in the interview. She mentions the Republican presidential candidate as an example of someone for whom it would be difficult for her, as an actor, to empathize. When Brooks tells Blanchett he’d love to see her portray The Donald, she’s off to the inverted-commas races once again.

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