Cate Blanchett Takes on Social Media: “Selfies Are Pathetic”

Dear Twitter, You just lost a fan.

Hollywood is full of the (pseudo) “beautiful people.”

You know, because they are famous, their heads swells to the size of a Casaba melon (as well as other parts of their body), and immediately, they elevate themselves far above others. Kind of like they live on Mount Olympus, only without the deified superpowers and flowing white beards—unless they are hipsters.

And then there are those who are truly considered above the rest. Among that select group is the supremely talented Cate Blanchett, 46, showcasing her Evil Stepmother glare here.

Don’t bother searching for her on social media. She has a thing about it—a deep hatred for it, to be exact. America found out in an interview she did with Yahoo Beauty entitled (no kidding): “Cate Blanchett on Colonics, Self-Respect, and Why Selfies are ‘Pathetic.‘”

While our research department determines the syntax and order of that particular triad, it’s the latter part that is getting all the attention. And here’s the quote:

I cannot for the life of me work out why adults are participating in that s–t,” the actress told me last week. Blanchett is bored to death of red carpet 360-degree cameras and the desperate validation of selfies, which is perhaps a shame.

And then the writer sucks up a little and blah, blah, blah… followed by a question about the “selfie culture,” as Joanna Douglas (writer and YH senior editor) calls it.

It’s pathetic, the whole thing about people worrying about what other people are going to think. I just can’t handle it. Of course you want people to go see the films that you make, of course you want them to enjoy them. But I’m not out there saying, “Do they like the way I look? Do they like that look on the red carpet?” You have to say, “This is what I’m doing right now.”

Granted, the avowed fire extinguisher of potential virality sees some benefit in what could be a good thing, calling social media a “genuine way to build community,” but rightfully notes that “it can also create jealousy and a sense that the grass is always greener.”

Well, with those duckface dolts, it’s only because the water bill is higher. Come to think of it: I need to stop the research department because I figured it out.

It’s those Kardashian fishface selfies. That’s the colonic.

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