CBS Anchor and Analyst Take on Prez Obama in Basketball Game, Video Now Included


Harry Smith , co-anchor of CBS’s “Early Show”, and Clark Kellogg, a NCAA basketball analyst for CBS, took on President Obama Thursday on his home turf – the White House basketball court. Clark (respectfully) talked smack before the game, Harry nearly collapsed after the game, and some members of the White House Press Corps had predictions.

They played HORSE, which they (very cheesily) called POTUS. Clark had an early lead but Obama won the game, joking it was just like health care reform, that he came back from behind. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and Obama aide Reggie Love were both cheering on the sidelines, with Gibbs leading “Let’s go POTUS!” chants. Obama said his NCAA bracket was ruined and that Love’s in first place in the WH pool.

Dress code on the court is shirt and slacks – Obama was dressed to leave quickly for an event.

Smith cut out early, Clark’s balding head was glistening and he was somewhat out of breath by the game’s end. But Obama never broke a sweat.

Watch the video here.

This piece aired today on CBS’ webcast “Washington Unplugged”. The rest of the game will air on CBS Saturday before the NCAA tournament.

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