What’s Up With ‘Face The Nation’s Vine?

With more technology comes more opportunity for minor mishaps. “Face the Nation”s Vine account proves it.

Vine is still a new type of online social network, so not everyone in media has caught on yet. It allows users to take 6-second mini-movies and share them with followers. Until Wednesday, the CBS program had uploaded two separate videos to its official account.

The first video, posted in May, appeared to be a behind-the-scenes look at “Face the Nation.” It showed the inside of an office with a few people working at computers and one woman staring into the camera, seemingly confused.

The second video… posted just Monday, showed a little girl in a park, doing a back flip off two parallel bars.

No harm. No foul. But offbeat? Sure.

A source at CBS News told FishbowlDC that the second video was a recording of a relative of “one of the Face the Nation people.” We were told that the videos were a mistake and that they would be taken down.

A spokesperson declined to comment, but after we got in touch with CBS, the videos were taken down.