Celebrities Using Facebook To Manage Their Relationships And Reach Fans

While Twitter may be the primary resource for many celebrities to blast out updates to their fans, celebrities are turning to Facebook to manage their actual relationships. Twitter-loving celebrities also appear to be turning to Facebook as one of their resources for sending updates to fans. Earlier this week, Randi Zuckerberg posted a screenshot of the first mobile update sent by Demi Moore to her Facebook Page, with the hopes of continuing the trend.

Other celebrities are finding Facebook to be an excellent resource for expressing their love to their significant others. Take Amy Winehouse for example, who has been continuously posting love messages to her boyfriend Blake Civil on his Facebook page, according to Perez Hilton. While some celebrity wall posts may not be as tacky as Amy Winehouse’s, they all appear to be flocking to the site.

For example, Vin Diesel continues to attract fans at a rapid pace with over 6 million fans and growing by over 60,000 fans a week. Recently Tiger Woods posted a video of his block party golf clinic, in which he gives advice on how to swing more effectively (view the video here). With over 300 million users (and probably over 325 million at this point), Facebook is the single best community for a celebrity to reach out to fans.

With the privacy settings provided to users, celebrities also have the opportunity to post updates without worrying about the wall posts ending up in magazines. Unfortunately, sometimes the celebrities don’t get the privacy settings right or their friend will leak a picture to the press (as was the case with the Amy Winehouse photo below). Earlier this year Facebook set up a page to promote those celebrities who are on Facebook.

If you want to keep up to date on the celebrity activities on the site, I recommend joining the Celebs on Facebook page.