Celebrity Feuds? There’s An App for That

It may lack the tawdry spectacle and palpable desperation of celebrity boxing, but Twitter, at least according to Monday’s Los Angeles Times, has become “the new go-to site” for famous people to trash other famous people.

Times entertainment writer Matea Gold reports:

First embraced by entertainers as a promotional platform, Twitter has evolved into a forum for candid and surprisingly crass postings by actors, singers and athletes. The intimate, instant and unvarnished nature of the microblogging site, which allows users to post public messages of 140 characters or less, is serving as a fertile incubator for the unchecked emotions of stars.

And they’re increasingly using it to rant about each other. In the new and expanding twitterverse, where the rules of etiquette and exchange are still being written, celebrities are establishing a level of discourse that won’t soon be confused with the Sunday morning political talk shows.

Which reminds me, I’m glad Courtney Love has deleted her Twitter account because when I’d run across tweets such as “oi vey don’t f*** with my wardrobe or you will end up in a circle of corched earth hunted til your dead,” it would always sound like something Donald Rumsfeld might say to Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation.

Of course, Gold serves up a juicy sampling of celebrity feud tweets. Here’s one:

you really have no clue what you just started with me! You have 5 jobs! I have one job making your life a living HELL!!!

— Spencer Pratt to Ryan Seacrest

See, the really good tweeters cram a lot of information into 140 characters. In this case, not only does Pratt amp up a Twitter feud with Seacrest, he’s also communicating the essential pointlessness of his own existence. And with 20 characters to spare!

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