Celebrity Twitter Tip: Avoid Having Your Feelings Hurt By Ignoring Replies And Mentions

I don’t watch The Hills, and I have no idea who Stephanie Pratt is. Earlier today, I (somehow) stumbled across a conversation between Stephanie and another Twitter user. Stephanie was being pressed as to why she only seemed to reply to ‘other famous people’, and she volunteered this response.

Outstanding prose aside, this is actually a somewhat enlightening statement. I’ve speculated before about how the ‘real world’ interaction that celebrities on Twitter are now facing with the public is something that many of them would not in any way have been prepared for, and the departure of such luminaries as Miley Cyrus and Lily Allen over the past few weeks underlines this.

And while on one hand you can absolutely understand Stephanie’s reluctance to delve into the murky waters of her replies and mentions folder – there are a lot of strange characters out there, after all – to deliberately avoid these communications (unless one is feeling really, really brave) essentially puts a thick black line through the words social media and replaces them with soapbox.

It’s a two-way mechanism, folks, and not one that’s just limited to the proles. Either embrace social media and learn to deal with the weirdos and stalkers (and master the block) or hand control over to your PR team. The latter is a complete fail too, of course (I’m looking at you Amy Winehouse and Tom Cruise), but it’s a heck of a lot better than intentionally ignoring us.

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