Celebs Are Paid $2,500 – $8,000 Per Sponsored Tweet

If you think their lifestyle is too decadent, look away now: celebrities can earn thousands of dollars for just typing (or, more likely, getting an assistant to type) 140 characters.

NYMag has the latest scoop on Twitter celebrity gossip. And it’s pretty juicy.

The Kim Kardashians, Snoop Doggs and Charlie Sheens of the world have made themselves thousands of dollars by simply typing out a tweet or two. They have all tweeted sponsored tweets, or ads, to their hundreds of thousands of followers.

Snoop Dogg, for instance, makes about $8,000 or more per tweet. He has a massive 6.4 million followers, and is in the upper echelon of the tweet elite. Next up would be someone like Paula Abdul, whose 2.2 million followers nets her a cool $5,000 per tweeted ad. And on the lower end of things is Whitney Port, earning $2,500 for a sponsored tweet to her 800,000 followers.

So who’s in charge of doling out the dough to these high-profile tweeters? Ad.ly is the largest social media celebrity endorsement company out there, and they connect the big names in advertising with the big names in pop culture.

They bring together brands like CVS and American Airlines with celebrities to get them in front of an audience that would be very receptive to an endorsement from one of their idols.

And, while the average range for a sponsored tweet seems to be between $2,500 and $8,000, some celebs garner a much higher price tag.

If you remember back to the March madness that was Charlie Sheen taking the Twitter-verse by the (tiger) tail, you might also remember that he tweeted what was likely the most expensive sponsored tweet to date: a call for a “Tiger Blood” intern, who would apply through Internship.com. This $50,000 tweet generated nearly 100,000 clicks to Internship.com in the first hour, and over 80,000 applications for the position.

(Top image: Tomislav Forgo via Shutterstock)