10 Celebs Over 50 On Twitter

Many people think of social media as a “young person’s game,” but recent data shows that the average social network user is 37 years old; 39 years old for Twitter users. Just because you are collecting Social Security, doesn’t mean you can’t tell the world what you’re up to. Here are 10 golden oldies who are staying fresh by embracing Twitter.

Barbara Walters (age 80)
The American broadcast journalist might be retiring from conducting Oscar interviews, but the View creator uses Twitter to promote her many other projects, including a recent satellite radio sit down with Justin Bieber. Hey, there’s only a 65-year difference! (673,917 followers, following 4)

William Shatner (age 79)
For over six decades, the former Captain Kirk has found a way to beam himself into the fabric of American pop culture.   From Shakespeare to T.J. Hooker, Michael Myers to the Twilight Zone, it comes as no surprise that The Shat is leveraging Twitter to communicate with old fans, and make some new ones along the way. Always the courteous senior, many Tweets end with the closing salutation, ” My best, Bill.” (215,587 followers, following 21)

Elizabeth Taylor (age 78)
The world’s original cougar recently took to Twitter to dispel rumors of her (ninth) engagement to her manager, 29 years her junior. With a much younger demographic, is “Dame Elizabeth” using social media to find hubby number nine? (211,169 followers, following 60)

John Cleese (age 71)
“Yes, I am still indeed alive,” boasts the Monty Python comedy troupe member. Â   Still an active player in movies, TV and radio, Cleese will be heard later this year in Shrek Forever After. After reading many of his Tweets, I get the sense that he is the one making all of the updates, not some younger assistant. (399,524 followers, following 146.)

Bob Vila (age 64)
The king of do-it-yourself home repair and renovation takes to the ‘net to promote his thousands of how-to articles and videos. Don’t expect to find out what Bob is eating or who is standing behind him on the red carpet, this stream is for the handy-impaired. (1,221,839 followers, following 17)

Tom Waits (age 61)
A February update states that “The blue whale weighs as much as thirty elephants, is as long as three Greyhound buses, end-to-end.” The singer/songwriter promises Wit and wisdom…he delivers. (23,842 followers, following 1)

Gene Simmons (age 61)
The KISS frontman and long-running reality star is the master of self-promotion, squeezing a dollar out of 50 cents time and time again. His impressively large tongue (ego) shine, with tweets touting his record company, move script, clothing line and more. It’s all about Gene, and it always will be. Fans wouldn’t want it any other way. (65,963 followers, following 30)

Donny Osmond (age 53)
It’s hard to believe that the youthful looking entertainer is over half-a-century old. The eternal teen idol uses Twitter to share personal information, update followers on his family, and promote current projects, namely, his Ustream video chat sessions. (39,888 followers, following 65)

LeVar Burton (age 53)
The actor, best known for playing Kunta Kinte in Roots and Geordi on Star Trek: The Next Generation, shares his feelings on everything technological and political. Read his thoughts on the new iPad or get the scoop on Reading Rainbow 2.0. (1,604,322 followers, following 109)

Kevin Spacey (age 51)
He fooled us in the Usual Suspects and wowed us in American Beauty, and now the actor (and one-time shoe salesman) entertains on Twitter. With over 1,000 tweets to his name, his social media activity has recently grinded to a halt because of a film shoot in China. Tear down those walls Hu Jintao!

Who are your favorite senior stars on Twitter?

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