Cell Phone Inventor Martin Cooper Was Influenced by Star Trek

Forty years ago today Martin Cooper of Motorola impressed a room full of journalists with a plastic brick that was dubbed by its design team as The Shoe – probably because it shared the same sex appeal. Flash forward 40 years and cell phones are spawning from social networks and outnumbering people.

But even before Cooper and his Motorola team created the first working mobile phone, there were signs of its imminent technology in pop culture. Who could forget Captain Kirk’s fashionable gold cell phone?

Not surprisingly, Cooper was highly influenced by Star Trek.

Cooper’s brick phone appeared in many Hollywood films, but for those that grew up with Saved By The Bell like I did, you may remember Zach Morris’s cell phone, which was practically another character altogether. Watching that show made owning cell phones hip and enviable. ..

My favorite conspiracy theory is the time traveler found in Charlie Chaplin’s movie, The Circus. some tech gurus have pointed out that the time traveler would be unable to use a typical cell phone due to lack of cellular coverage, but I insist that there’s a high probability that a time traveler would have to have better communication technology than 2013 standards, so perhaps there’s an even better communication device in our future.

Via Business Insider

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