Center for Investigative Reporting to Launch Public Radio Show

CIRThanks to the Reva and David Logan Foundation, along with the Ford Foundation, the Center for Investigative Reporting has garnered $3.5 million in support to launch an investigative public radio show and podcast called “Reveal.”

CIR’s Lisa Cohen says the nonprofit, nonpartisan journalism outfit will co-produce the show with the Public Radio Exchange (PRX), highlighting some of CIR’s ongoing investigations, as well as the watchdog journalism of other initiatives, in their one-hour radio show. CIR and PRX also plan to create special digital video and animations and data interactives for their web properties, and host live events.

Right now, investigations on CIR include the current surveillance state, toxic waste in Silicon Valley, border issues, the American criminal justice system and more. I’m hoping to see continuing coverage of those topics on the air waves and wondering how they will be presented for radio.

I couldn’t find a study to back this up, but in my circle, it seems public radio is making a comeback. As National Public Radio Chief Executive Officer Jarl Mohn discusses in this version of RJI Futures Lab, radio companies are getting more creative about expanding the use of the medium across multiple platforms. In the past, several of NPR’s blogs, based on individual radio programs, have been successful at extending the conversation and ensuring that the content stayed somewhat evergreen.

To me, radio is a great format for sharing investigative reporting. With someone being essentially stuck in the car during morning (and evening) commutes, you have a more engaged listener than say, a newspaper consumer. And I think there are a lot of opportunities for radio to be relevant on the web, as CIR is planning to show us. Of all the platforms we see news presented in, radio is poised to make a smooth transition and remain a strong source of investigative news.

Do you listen to public radio in the car or at home? Would you tune in to CIR’s new show or podcast?

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