Central Texas Schlotzsky’s Closes for ‘Attitude Adjustment,’ Smells Like Awesome

Go ahead. Take a moment. Look at the picture. Soak it in. It’s real.

Meet John Herod. He is an Abilene, Texas resident and owner of this Schlotzsky’s on 1018 N. Judge Ely Blvd. I have family in the great western yonder of the Lone Star State, so I’ve actually dined at this establishment. My memories here are less than desirable, but when I read this story from KTAB-TV (CBS) in Abilene, two things happened:

1. I knew why the service sucked so bad at this joint and felt great that it wasn’t me just being judgmental.

2. I will make it a point to visit this place every time I go visit family in that side of the world. Ever.

As you can tell by reading the sign, Herod determined his staff — in a word — sucked. More about what he did with awesome sauce is after the jump…

His business, specifically, his staff were so bad at their job that Herod placed up this marquee. Someone photojournalist with KTAB was driving by, jonesin’ for a Classic regular with salt & vinegar chips (just saying), and the photo went viral faster than you can get your order at the franchise.

So, he cleans house in the name of customer service. And the PR this guy is getting for his business is well-deserved. According to the story, his staff (the ones that survived his onslaught) need time to reflect, hence the closed sign.

“It was not a secret with our customers as to what was happening, the poor service, there weren’t a lot of smiles, the service was slower than what our customers deserved, and that we expected … I want employees to have time to think about the job they were doing, and the service they were giving out, so part of it is internal, for each employee.”

Herod will have a grand re-opening sans attitudinal dunderheads working the cash register. Evidently, there’s a little more “adjustments” going on as Herod pushed back the big day to December 9. Either way, I’ll be in route in a couple of weeks. Bon appetit.