Channel 4 UK Uses Facebook Connect Game To Teach History

Channel 4, a broadcasting station based out of the UK, is using their Trafalgar Origins Flash game to educate people about the historic battle of Trafalgar. Channel 4 has a division called Channel 4 Education that is responsible for creating education games, and this latest game uses Facebook Connect to connect with friends.

The game is an action game where you control your ship as it sails the seven seas. You can shoot other ships and complete missions given to you, that increase your experience and gold. You can then manage your ship, improve your weapons, defense and more. The graphics are smooth and impressive, and it feels like a three-dimensional engine, viewed from above. Sailing your ship and ramming others at high speeds is a lot of fun, and dodging bullets is great as well.

The Facebook Connect implementation is great, as you can invite all your friends to play, but also post all your achievements and high scores to your profile. The game is definitely fully featured, and tells the great story of the Battle of Trafalgar, a famous event in British naval history. To view the story, you get to actually play some of the historic battles as the English fleet, and see how the ships were aligned and set up against each other. The music is great, and you really feel a great sense of the seas.