Cancer Research Tops The First Charity 100 Social Index [REPORT]

The arrival and massive growth of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook has provided many new opportunities for businesses of all sizes, but used correctly they can also be hugely beneficial to charities and other non-profits.

Visceral Business have looked at how 300 charities in the United Kingdom have applied social media to their campaigns, producing the first Charity Social 100 Index. This ranks charities using specific social metrics, such as their total Twitter followers and Twitter list count, Facebook Page Likes, LinkedIn followers, YouTube subscribers, as well as how engaged they are with these communities. The branding and financial strength of the charity is also addressed, and each of these components produces a final score.

Cancer Research, with 830 points, leads the way, followed by The British Heart Foundation (750) and Oxfam (729).

While Cancer Research, with 22,476 Twitter followers and 140,409 Facebook Likes, doesn’t have the social numbers of many other charities in the index, they scored highly on brand and financial strength and also for the quality of their community.

Here’s the full index.

To read the rest of the Visceral report, download it here from their website.


(Source: Visceral Business.)