Charles Pierce Leaves The Boston Globe for Esquire

Charles Pierce, a writer for The Boston Globe since 2002, is leaving for a full time gig with Esquire’s political blog. Pierce has been a Contributing Editor for the magazine since 1997, but now he will be providing daily political posts in addition to features. Pierce said that the opportunity to comment on the country’s swirling political environment was too good to pass up.

“Ever since Norman Mailer followed Superman into the supermarket, Esquire has been at the forefront of explaining this complicated country’s complicated politics to its complicated self,” said Pierce. “Now, as we come into a presidential election, with a battered economy and two-and-a-half ongoing wars, and with one of our two major political parties seemingly succumbing to dementia, will bring that long tradition into a new era.  I look forward to helping make that process happen along with the talented stable of writers who also will contribute to the Politics Blog. And there will be fun. And snark.”

David Granger, Esquire’s Editor-in-Chief, was obviously excited about adding such a talented writer as Pierce. “Charlie is going to make’s ‘The Politics Blog’ one of the very few political blogs one has to read every day, all day,” he said.

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