God’s Politico Blog Ends

After less than a year, Charlie Mahtesian’s own blog at Politico has closed down shop and headed into that great Internet afterlife in the sky.

As of Monday, both Mahtesian’s blog and the “On Congress” blog have disappeared from Politico‘s homepage and its blogs vertical. “Don’t worry – we’re still as committed as ever to covering every twist and turn in campaigns and elections,” reads a final Friday post by Mahtesian on his former blog. The post notes that Mahtesian will continue his work at Politico but it will appear on the front page.

Dan Berman also wrote one final post on the On Congress blog in the form of a poem: “We broke news on this page we hosted, but now on the homepage all stories will be posted,” it says.

When Mahtesian’s blog launched in April last year, it was done so with the type of holiness and fanfare generally reserved for the pope and and sometimes Dennis Rodman “In a rational world, it seems obvious, the person on our staff who has more and better ideas about politics than anyone in the business would have a platform to share those ideas with readers in real time,” read a release by Politico Editor-in-Chief John Harris at the time.

Maybe giving Mahtesian his own blog wasn’t such an “obvious” choice in retrospect. Aside from the farewell post, he hadn’t updated it since Feb. 14.

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