Latest Charlie Sheen Stage Maneuver Has Journalists #Wincing

Charlie Sheen reached a new low last night on stage in Columbus, Ohio, when he incited the crowd to join along with him in calling out his ex-wife Denise Richards with a chorus chant of “F*ck that b*tch!” Never mind that many of the 3,000 or so spectators did.

Salon staff writer Mary Elizabeth Williams is properly horrified, with thoughts of how this might eventually affect the couple’s two daughters Sam and Lola:

No child, under any circumstances, deserves to have her mother spoken of in those terms, period, let alone by a crowd of Ohio morons. And no woman deserves the very threatening and very scary experience of having any man incite up that much public rage against her, period. It’s vile, and it’s potentially dangerous. So what do you call a tiger blooded Adonis who would do such a stupid thing? Duh, sociopath.

Williams’ column is the most thoughtful piece so far this morning in reaction to this latest reprehensible bit of Sheen behavior. Unfortunately, a number of the 24 comments left at press time in response to her article are as hateful as the chant she is reporting about. Civility, RIP.

[Photo of the crowd at Columbus’ Palace Theater courtesy @charliesheen Twitpic feed]

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