Charlie Sheen’s Winning Streak Has Turned Into A Train Wreck

A month ago, Charlie Sheen was #Winning like there was no tomorrow but my, oh my, how the tables have turned. Sheen’s "Winning" shtick is getting old and has become…well…just plain sad.

A month ago, Charlie Sheen was #Winning like there was no tomorrow but my, oh my, how the tables have turned.  Sheen’s “Winning” shtick is getting old and has become…well…just plain sad if you ask me.  And I’m not the only one.

The Charlie Sheen craze has been dying down over the last few weeks.  We’ve been hearing and seeing a lot less of the unemployed “winner” (or maybe we’re just choosing not to listen).  But the first real indicator of Sheen’s demise came on Saturday night, at the opening night of his comedy tour, My Violent Torpedo of Truth, in Detroit, where audience members chanted, “Refund!” and walked out before the show was even over.

According to commentary from The Young Turks, Sheen invited his “goddesses” onstage to make out, and just regurgitated the same old rants.  When an audience member stood up and started booing him, Sheen allegedly said, “Hey dude. I’ve already got your money.”  Check out the AP video below to find out more and check out some of the audience member responses as they walked out of the show.

Evan Conan got in on the action after the Detroit show with a parody video.

Then, on Sunday a new video appeared on the CharlieSheen YouTube channel—‘Charlie Sheen: The Unedited Version’, which he screened at the Detroit show.  The video is a parody of Charlie Sheen’s 20/20 interview with Andrea Canning, with extra not so “Winning” Sheen footage cut in.

The problem with this video, if you ask me, is that it’s staged.  The original interview was great because it was genuine.  Trying to replicate or outdo the first time he said he had tiger blood and Adonis DNA, or that he was on a drug called Charlie Sheen just doesn’t work.  He just comes across looking like a self-obsessed, conceited jerk.  And he certainly says some mean things to Andrea Canning, like that she has “booger blood” and “poo poo DNA”.  And what’s up with the disgusting 20-second smokers’ cough in the middle?

The video has just over 900,000 views so far, which may seem like  a lot.  But consider the fact that it’s been online for four days already.  If this video would have gone up in Sheen’s meme prime it would have easily broken 1 million in a day, or even in hours.  Not to mention the video is packed with comments like, “What the hell is wrong with him!? There is something very wrong with him,” and “This guy is so sad. What a loser.”

Good Morning America and Andrea Canning covered the next stop on Charlie Sheen’s Violent Torpedo Of Truth tour in Chicago, which apparently went much better than the show in Detroit.  According to Canning, Sheen’s people started tweaking the show immediately after he bombed in Detroit.  “They turned it into one long, interview-style show.  They dealt with everything—celebrities, sex, drugs and violence.”  However, despite the fact that GMA reports that the Chicago show was “Winning”, audience members leaving the show still said things like, “There were times where I thought it was a little slow and that he wasn’t making any real points,” and “He really had no direction.”  Click here to watch Good Morning America’s coverage of the show on YouTube.

GMA also reports that Sheen still has 2 and a Half Men on his mind and that he said he wanted his job back during the Chicago show.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that they probably won’t take him back after this whole ordeal, but what do you think?  And do you think Sheen is still on a winning streak or are you ready for the whole Sheen craze to end?

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