Chartboost Lets Developers Organize into Groups

Chartboost has announced the launch of Groups for Direct Deals, making it easier for mobile app developers to connect, cross-promote, and grow without paying fees.

The Groups feature is an expansion of the existing Direct Deals platform, which doesn’t limit eligible apps based on the size of their audience or release date. These groups allow developers with similar apps, or from similar locations, to connect with others to form mutually beneficial partnerships via instant communication.

“Our partners want to connect with other developers based on their relationships ­ whether driven by location, shared experiences, similar apps, or common interests ­ and we are providing the technology to connect them. With the addition of Groups, it will be easier than ever for developers to work together to be successful,” said Maria Alegre, CEO of Chartboost.

The first available Group focuses on the mobile scene in Vancouver, British Columbia.

“Vancouver is home to an established and growing community of awesome mobile game developers. We’re excited to have our own Group set up with Chartboost to meet fellow Vancouver game developers, discover opportunities, set up campaigns, negotiate direct deals and discuss new and upcoming apps,” said Josh Nilson, COO of East Side Games.

Chartboost has proven successful in the past, with Direct Deal partnerships providing app developers with almost double the install rate of standard advertising campaigns. Notable developers within the Chartboost community include Supercell, Pocket Gems, Wooga, and King.



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