Chartboost opens office in Amsterdam to work more closely with leading European mobile game developers

In an effort to work more closely with its European publishers, mobile game cross-promotion service Chartboost today announced that it has opened its first international office in Amsterdam, with a team of five led by Dutch game development veteran Ilja Goossens.

“Chartboost has been global since day one, and probably the fact that I’m European makes the whole company be more international,” Maria Alegre, CEO of Chartboost, told Inside Mobile Apps. “Right now probably one-third of our developers are European, so it made sense for us to have a team there and be closer to them.”

Alegre says the company chose Amsterdam because of the convenient airport connection between the city and San Francisco, where Chartboost is currently headquartered. Amsterdam is also the city that has easy access to locations where many of its top European game development customers reside including Supercell, King, Wooga, NaturalMotion and Rovio.

“Europe is a leader in mobile gaming,” she says. “I don’t know why it took us so long to get there.”

With an office in Amsterdam, Chartboost can talk with its European publishers in-person, which is something the company values, Alegre says.

“We value the in-person time and the relationships that we are building,” she adds.

As for selecting Goossens as the Reginal Director for the aptly named Chartboost Europe, Alegre says “he shares the Chartboost DNA of being in the shoes of a game developer, seeing the challenges from a game developer, and now is excited to be working on technology for games to solve all these challenges that he’s seen in his own games.”

Alegre also updated us on some of Chartboost’s last reported figures like the number of games that have integrated with Chartboost’s network and the number of unique devices its network reaches. She’s says now 16,000 games have Chartboost integration, an increase of more than 30 percent from 12,000, and the company now sees eight billion game sessions per month, where a sessions is defined as a user opening a game with Chartboost technology.

The last time we spoke to Alegre in January, Chartboost had just landed another round of funder at $19 million from Sequoia Capital, with participation from existing investors including TransLink Capital and SK Telecom Ventures. She says three important things happened since then. Chartboost doubled the size of its team in San Francisco to 60, successfully completed its first round for its University: Boot Camp program, and opened an office in Amsterdam, which the company is announcing today.

As for the next logical place to expand, Alegre says Chartboost will enter Asia later this year. Chartboost has already hired people who are experts on the Asian markets for its San Francisco office.

“We are going to learn a lot about opening our first international office, and Asia comes next,” she says.

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