Check Out How Real-Time Twitter Marketers Brought Back the ’90s

Who could forget Kelly Kapowski's Keds?

Headshot of Lauren Johnson

A burst of '90s nostalgia broke out on Twitter this afternoon causing the hashtag #InThe90sIThought to start trending nationally. And, of course, brands synonymous with the decade and their respective social media teams were quick to join in the fun.

Keds, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Polaroid were among the marketers tweeting fondly about their products.

Brands are notorious for sending out cheesy, often misguided posts, but it seems some of those participating today tried to capitalize on the cultural moments that got people talking.

Bath & Body Works, for example, tweeted about bringing back its line of Cucumber Melon-scented products that most women in their 20s probably remember from middle school. And Keds jumped on Saved by the Bell's Kelly Kapowski and her famous sneakers.

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