Check Out This Sweet 16 Bracket for March Madness Brands

Can Chick-fil-A upset McDonald's?

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College basketball's Sweet 16 bracket tips off on Thursday night. And while hoops fans watch to see if West Virginia can pull off a miracle and upset favorite-to-win-it-all Kentucky, the marketers for deodorant Degree Men may want to keep their eyes on financial company Capital One.

In terms of social branding, they're going head-to-head. Well, kind of.

Data company 4C Insights has created a fun Sweet 16 bracket—with seeds one through 16, just like in college basketball. After analyzing March Madness television advertisers during the NCAA tournament last weekend, it zeroed in on which companies got the biggest brand lifts through social media engagement. In addition to Degree Men, there are a few other intriguing performers from the long list of TV sponsors, including TGI Fridays, Powerade and Target.

To come up with the bracket, Chicago-based 4C calculated the brands' Twitter clicks and Facebook engagements. And following the conclusion of March Madness with the championship game on April 6, we'll reveal which player comes out on top in terms of brand lift.

Scroll down below the bracket to see the top marketers' stats from last weekend.




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