Cosmo's Hottest Bachelor Party" /> Checking Out The "Pecs And Personalities" At <i>Cosmo</i>'s Hottest Bachelor Party Cosmo's Hottest Bachelor Party" />

Checking Out The “Pecs And Personalities” At Cosmo‘s Hottest Bachelor Party

We spent last night with a group of single men eager to take their shirts off.

No, it wasn’t a Chippendales performance, but Cosmopolitan magazine’s party to celebrate the hottest bachelors in the U.S. — with one hottie representing each state.

“We look for pecs and personalities,” Cosmo editor Kate White told us about the magazine’s bachelor selection process, minutes after she had found herself surrounded by a parade of shirtless men. “It’s also a good way for us to get into men’s heads. It’s sort of a petri dish of American men.”

White spent the beginning of the evening standing on the end of a catwalk introducing the single men — many of which decided to remove their shirts to show off well-toned pecs and six-pack abs. “What happens at the Cosmo bachelor party, stays at the Cosmo bachelor party,” White said. Later, after forgetting to announce Illinois’ bachelor, White said, “I hope you know I’m going to be fired in the morning for that.”

In years past, the event has culminated with a selection of the hottest bachelor in the country, but White told us that due to the economy, all of the selected bachelors would be winners this year. From the buzz around the party (and our own opinions) Ohio bachelor Matt Smith would surely have won the crown had it been awarded this year. We also got a chance to talk to bachelors from Oregon, Wyoming, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Oklahoma representative Alain Le told us that while in New York he had tried to hit on Mary Louise Parker and Jane Krakowski at a bar, having no idea who they were. “They had to look themselves up on their iPhones to show me they were famous,” he told us. Aw, so cute.

Above, you can watch our video from the night, including White’s comments on the catwalk and the shirtless man parade. After the jump, more photos from the night.

Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief Kate White on the red carpet

A view of the party

White and a half-naked bachelor

South Dakota’s Patrick Reilly decided to keep his shirt on

Pecs on parade