Cheers: Introducing The New York Times‘ “Tipsy Diaries”

God (or chance or the one religious / earth-based deity of one’s choice) bless the New York Times: It truly has something for all of us, even those who find ourselves at happy hour at Lakeside Lounge, listening to country music and watching Bruce Lee films while the bartender offers more whiskey because “it’s good for your epidermis,” or savoring the perfect whiskey cocktail (it is, in fact, the “Improved Whiskey Cocktail”) at the Clover Club. That is to day, now the New York Times has a section for the drinkers (and the drunks) among us. Say hello to the “Tipsy Diaries” — a new column on city bars, lounges, dives, speakeasies and pubs (and, most importantly, the people who love them) that will run every other week.

So far, the Diaries, which is penned by the Times restaurant critic and Choco Taco connoisseur Frank Bruni, have introduced us to Doug Quinn, P.J. Clarke’s talented bar tender. Here’s how Bruni himself describes his new column:

[I]t will sometimes profile interesting people who are part of the New York drinking scene. Other times it will look at special bars or special rituals or special drinks. Anything and everything that celebrates the drinking life: that’s what the column is about.

Bruni’s pretty excited about it and, we’ll admit, so are we.

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