E!’s Chelsea Handler Lampoons Tom Brokaw

E!’s Chelsea Handler, who has attended the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in the past, cracked on NBC newsman Tom Brokaw on her show last night.

The reason: for bailing on the event this year because he does not like the celebrification that the dinner has become with actresses such as Lindsay Lohan in attendance (she came last year).

“He also announced that he will not be going to Coahchella either because she was also there,” said Handler. “So it’s Burning Man only for Tom Brokaw.”

Handler went on to speak about the ridiculousness of the event. “I saw Gerard Butler at the airport,”she said. “He was going to pork women in the bathrooms. It’s very easy to get invited to that thing by the way.”

Sarah Colonna, a comedian on the panel, finds Lohan’s affect on Brokaw is deep. “I think it’s pretty powerful to ruin an entire event for somebody else just by being there a few years ago. I think that’s powerful.”

And Julian McCullough, another comic on the show last night, saw an irony in Brokaw’s decision. “I think it’s funny that Brokaw’s upset about the sanctity of politics being besmirched by Lindsay Lohan. Politics has way more gross people than Lindsay Lohan.”

Brokaw shouldn’t feel too badly though, she also made fun of Psy, asking, “Do you think people thought Psy was Kim Jong Un?”