For Chelsea Handler, Muppet Art Imitates Messy Life

Handler dishes about her recent The Muppets episode.

On Up Late With Miss Piggy, the host recently acknowledged that first guest Chelsea Handler had a long-running late night talk show but added that the audience probably knew Handler best as “that lady at the airport who asks for a pat-down.”


The Nov. 17 episode of ABC-TV series The Muppets was titled “Too Hot to Handler.” As Handler explained this week on SiriusXM Radio Andy program Jason & Jenny, with Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen, the plot was eerily accurate:

“So I get an offer from my agents. I haven’t worked in a year, because I wanted to take a year off. They’re like, ‘Obviously, this is a pass, but we just wanted to show you, this is an offer for The Muppets.’ It’s not a pass, at all. Of course I’ll be on The Muppets…”

“I don’t read the script until I get there, until shoot day. I start reading the script, and it was me and basically Scooter, he has a crush on me… He comes back to the room, asks me to go out. I go out with him and then I become super-aggressive on our date, which thwarts the entire thing… So basically I’m reading the script, and this is just after I’d done this to some guy in my house, that I was telling you about. So I’m reading it, this is like art imitating life. They know, they were at my house, saw me try to molest a man, and was dejected.”

Ha ha. Handler told the Sirius hosts that the man in question, with whom she was set up in L.A. a few months ago, was a decent enough but not fun enough guy who “clearly could have had sex with me if he had wanted to.”

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.