Chevy Chase Says Randy Quaid Hit Him Up for a ‘Lot’ of Money

Live, from Gilbert Gottfried's apartment, it's a hell of a podcast episode.

There’s a ton of ribald fun to be had for SNL fans who choose to listen to the latest episode of Gilbert Gottfried and Frank Santopadre’s Amazing Colossal Podcast. That’s because the guest is Chevy Chase who, in typically candid fashion, addresses all kinds of show lore.

Chase also talks about the sad current fate of Randy Quaid:

“He [Quaid] called me. He wanted to borrow some money. That’s all I’m going to say, but it was a lot of money. And apparently, every so often he would say – ‘I know Chevy Chase!’ Like that’s going to help him.”

“But you know what? This is a delightful, delightful, funny, funny actor. Who seems to have taken drugs, or something. I don’t know what’s happened to him. He never was a druggie of any kind, or drinker. But he seems like it now, doesn’t he? I mean it’s a little weird when you do Rupert Murdoch getting f*cked in the ass by Randy Quaid, with a beard – again – down to his c*ck.”

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@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.