Chicago Tribune Sends The Boston Globe Pizza, Everyone Smiles

The Chicago Tribune already dedicated its sports section to Boston’s teams the day after the bombings last week.

Now, they sent 60 pizzas and salad for the weary reporters at The Boston Globe.

“We can only imagine what an exhausting and heartbreaking week it’s been for you and your city,” read a note signed “your friends at Chicago Tribune.” “But do know your newsroom colleagues here in Chicago and across the country stand in awe of your tenacious coverage. You make us all proud to be journalists.”

Erin Ailworth, a business reporter at the Globe, said on Twitter that the Tribune‘s Kevin Pang put in the order, from a nearby pizzeria called Regina’s Pizza. Your humble FishbowlNY editor, once a lowly correspondent at the Globe, used to order frequently from Regina’s and can assure y0u, dear reader, that the quality (by non-New York standards) is a worthy tribute to the Globe staff’s efforts.

That’s more than The New York Times, which owns the Globe, has done publicly so far. And, come one, the Beantown folks deserve some New York pizza.

Meanwhile, the reporters at the Boston Herald angrily reheat leftovers in the newsroom microwave.

Here are some of the heartwarming gratitude tweets from the Globe staff:




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