Chinese Flood Obama’s Google+ Page with Humorous Comments

China’s dammed Internet wall is common knowledge — Chinese users are blockaded from looking at Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other sites that their government doesn’t allow.  With all that pressure building up, though, the dam seems to have had a small crack, and it led to Obama’s Google+ page.

Some meddlesome Chinese internet users found the crack in the Chinese Internet dam this weekend, and they revealed that mobile phone users could somehow gawk at Obama’s Google+ page.  The Chinese decided to seed and fertilize the tip on Chinese web forums, and it went viral.  Internet users from Yunnan to Henan flocked to the page to first leave irreverent comments on the top post on Obama’s page.

The post itself was just a few words about new Bumper Stickers, but if you lower your eyes to the comments section, you’ll see some staggering numbers and a whole lot of Chinese text!   The surprise really comes when you scroll down the page and realize that Chinese users have razed Obama’s page – every single post – with hundreds of Chinese comments that would be pretty much unreadable to anybody else.

I’m not sure if this is going to have implications for Obama, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this somehow makes big news – imagine an attack ad highlighting Obama’s “best friends on Google.”

Check out some more details here and see Obama’s page here.

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