Chris Gethard Live-Tweets the Letterman Bridges Episode

Thanks to Will Ferrell, Shannon O'Neill and the First Nation Church & Ministry, Episode 5 was all kinds of wacky.

Some fun passing-of-the-torch details were shared Thursday night by host Chris Gethard during the Fusion airing of Episode 5. The on-air marriage of three couples with the help of best man Will Ferrell was essentially blessed by David Letterman.

You can see the Brooklyn and George Washington set pieces from The Late Show in the clip below. The host obtained his marriage officer certification via the Internet(!), while the bridges couple – Cass and Deneece – actually met through a Tumblr community page for The Chris Gethard Show(!!). The twentysomething newlyweds have promised to keep another comedy legacy element in play:

After they wed, a pseudo-drunk Ferrell gave the couple a beautiful toast – noting that it would “mean a lot” if they named their first child after him. So we had to ask: Would they name their child after the actor?

“Yes. Will if it’s a boy, Ferrell if it’s a girl,” the couple told us.

Gethard also tweeted that Ferrell’s end-of-show outburst was hastily conjured up during the episode taping.

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