Chris Hardwick Strikes a Deal to Monetize His Company’s Popular Nerd Podcasts

Nerdist Industries and Midroll Media team up to boost ad revenue

Nerdist Industries, the multi-platform entertainment publisher founded by actor Chris Hardwick, announced a new partnership Wednesday with Midroll Media, provider of the industry's first dedicated pod monetization service.

Midroll will work as Nerdist's advertising representative, securing revenue-boosting placements on popular Nerdist shows, including the star-studded Nerdist Podcast—which is downloaded more than 5 million times each month. Midroll will also work to boost ad placement on programs such as You Made it Weird and The Todd Glass Show.

Fans of Nerdist shows have always enjoyed the quirky content for free—and, as CEO, Hardwick wants to keep it that way.

"It can be very expensive to give away free content," said Hardwick, a stand-up comedian and podcaster best known for hosting AMC's Talking Dead. "Our partnership with Midroll will continue to ensure that our listeners don't have be separated from their money to hear our podcast shenanigans!"

Midroll is equally optimistic about the growth benefits the partnership is expected to bring. "We understand and respect the smart, dedicated audience that Nerdist has cultivated, and we know how to represent these listeners to advertisers," said Adam Sachs, Midroll Media CEO. "As their exclusive podcast advertising representative, we look forward to creating enormous value for Nerdist's podcasts and hosts."