Chris Kelly Does Not Like Facebook's "Instant Personalization" Service

Facebook’s former Chief Privacy Officer, Chris Kelly, made a public statement against Facebook’s new “Instant Personalization” service, days after the program came under attack from a number of Senators. In a public statement, Chris Kelly distanced himself from Facebook saying, “Facebook’s recent changes to its privacy policy and practices with regard to data sharing occurred after I left the company.”

While Facebook has yet to take any significant public stance suggesting that the company will back away from the new program, the company is under increasing pressure. As others have suggested, Chris Kelly stated that the opt-out system is inappropriate. More specifically, Kelly said, “I strongly encourage Facebook to structure all its programs to allow Facebook users to give permission before their information is shared with third parties”.

Ironically, Chris Kelly served as Chief Privacy Officer at Facebook during the company’s Beacon fiasco. In contrast to Facebook, Kelly is positioning himself as having learned from the Beacon failure. Whether or not Facebook will back track on the new program is unknown, however having one of the company’s former employees (and head privacy advocate) speaking out against the program does not fare well for Facebook.

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