U.K. Reporter Claims He Paid Heavy Price for Turning Down New York Job

An "agony aunt" column for the newsroom ages.

NeilWallisLinkedIn_FeaturedWow. That’s all we can say after reading a report in the Glasgow Evening Times about court testimony given at The Old Bailey by The Sun News executive Chris Pharo.

According to Pharo, back in the days when he was working as a district reporter in Bristol for The Sun, his boss Neil Wallis (pictured) hit the roof when he turned down a New York transfer offer, complete with sizable raise, because his girlfriend had become pregnant. Pharo alleges that Wallis verbally abused him and then, orchestrated this bit of nonsense:

“A few days after the conversation with Mr. Wallis, I was getting ready to go to work in the morning. I heard [my girlfriend] Kirsty scream in the kitchen. The subject of the Dear Deidre [advice column] was a young executive who had ruined his life by turning down a job in New York because his conniving girlfriend had deliberately got herself pregnant.”

“I later discovered that Neil had torn out the one that had been planned and got an emergency one shot as a means to humiliate me over the whole decision.”

Pharo and Jamie Pyatt are accused of having paid a Surrey police offer in 2011-12 for various news tips.

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