What’s in a Robot Website Name? Everything

Everybody loves the name of the first site to report Chris Rock as next Oscars host.

RobotsVoiceLogoLast month, Voice Media Group website Topless Robot changed its name to The Robot’s Voice. Editor in chief Luke Y. Thompson explained that his reasons were two-fold. He wanted to fall more respectfully in line with his parent company’s sister outlets and esteemed writers, as well as get away from some operational fallout:

“Topless” isn’t “f*ckface,” but you wouldn’t necessarily know that by the way certain publicists and potential readers have reacted to it. It’s a loaded word, especially for women, and it has been hurting us in our attempts to reach out and get you the best content we possibly can…

In 2008 [the year the site was founded], the nerd corners of the Internet were hugely male-dominated, and movie-site-dominated… But [nowadays] the audience is more diverse, thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones, and while marketing ourselves with a name appealing primarily to young males was smart business when we launched in 2008, it’s less so now. I get it; I didn’t like when Badass Digest changed their name to Birth Movies Death. But I understand it.

RobotButtFigureWhich leaves us with Robot Butt. Thanks to the site’s Oct. 19 item and day-later, additionally sourced pick-up by Variety awards editor Tim Gray, everyone is buzzing tonight about: a) the possibility that Chris Rock will host the next Oscars and b) the portion of the Variety article that reads: ‘The website RobotButt first reported the speculation about Rock.’

If Rock does indeed turn out to be the man for the job, he’s already got a great first punchline. Just imagine the Rock cadence rolling its way through “Robot-Butt-dot-com.”

Update (October 21):
The Robot Butt scoop is officially confirmed.

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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