Christian Louboutin Sues Yves Saint Laurent Over Red Sole Shoe Design

If you’re thinking of making a shoe and would like the soles to be highlighted in a shiny red, make sure you have a good lawyer first. The company and designer behind arguably the most famous red-soled shoe, Christian Louboutin, filed a suit late last week in New York against Yves Saint Laurent, claiming that the company has been selling a shoe from their spring 2011 collection that looks too similar to their own. Likely helping to back up their case, Loutoutin’s red soles have been registered with the US Patent Office since 1997 and officially trademarked three years ago. Reportedly the company began asking YSL to stop selling their “copy” as early as January. That apparently didn’t have any traction, so they’ve taken to the courts, asking for $1 million in damages and forcing their rival to stop selling their version. Should Louboutin win the case, we’d imagine their first priority will be to pay artist Jeff Koons, who will likely sue them for using balloon animal dogs in the main image currently running on their site.