Christian Slater Is Thankful His Personal Struggles Were Pre-TMZ

With time comes wisdom. That’s the overriding flavor of L.A. Times reporter Yvonne Villarreal’s Polo Lounge sit-down with actor Christian Slater, whose latest attempt at an episodic series hit debuts tonight on Fox.

When asked how growing up in a showbiz family helped him prepare for dealing with media scrutiny, the actor wryly pulls out his iPhone and reads from a series of stored responses, because it is a question he gets asked a lot. Slater also acknowledges how much more difficult his personal struggles would have been if they had occurred today, under the glare of Perez, TMZ, and co., rather than amidst the relative media calm of 1989:

“[Today] would be a Howard Hughes-type of situation,” he said. “I would just become a shut-in, I suppose. People are so under the microscope now…”

“Once you’ve made a mistake, it’s an unrelenting thing that you will continually have to communicate about, write things down about because we all want to have a clean slate.”

Just for the heck of it, FishbowlLA jumped on to TMZ and searched the site for “Christian Slater.” And guess what? Two recent wise crack photo items about the actor throwing a football with his son in Cabo and witnessing an incident involving his girlfriend’s skirt now show a “Media Removed” logo (pictured) rather than the original pics. So Slater is faring pretty well in the here-and-now after all.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.