Chromebooks Grab 21% of Notebook Sales

It’s looking like a great holiday season for the underdog Chromebook. Laptops running Google’s Chrome OS grabbed 21 percent of commercial notebook sales through November, according to research group NPD. Chromebooks jump from the “negligible share” of the market it held last year represented the largest share increase across product segments in the NPD report.

Windows notebooks, however, showed no growth, the report said. (Windows tablet sales tripled, though, and Android tablets jumped 160 percent.)

Amazon, too, named Chromebooks among its best-sellers this holiday season. The online giant said the Samsung Chromebook and Acer Chromebook were two of its three top-selling laptops during the holidays.

NPD also reported that 14.4 million desktops, notebooks and tablets sold through November in commercial channels — a more than 25 percent increase over last year. Overall notebook sales increased 29 percent; tablets saw 49 percent growth; and desktop sales just an 8.5 percent uptick. The Google super-duo of Chromebooks and Android tablets “had the biggest impact on sales growth,” the organization said.