ChronoBlade updated with real-time player-vs-player combat on Facebook

Image via nWay

Social game developer nWay has announced the addition of real-time player-vs-player combat in its action role-playing game ChronoBlade. The game sees players traveling across the universe, protecting worlds from the Chronarch Imperium via side-scrolling hack-n-slash gameplay.

nWay compares its player-vs-player combat to that of games including Street Fighter and Tekken, with characters having customizable abilities, traits and equipment. Ranked matches will award players with prizes whether they win or lose, while victory stats are stored on global and friend leaderboards.

These player-vs-player matches cost tokens to play, with tokens recharging over time. Players can compete in tournaments, each lasting two weeks, and taking place across six new arenas.

In addition to this PvP content, ChronoBlade now offers four each of minor and major bosses, including Lieutenants of the Chronarch Armada. Eight new locations have been introduced inside a spaceship, giving players the opportunity to explore the ship, learning more about the Chronarchs, and seven new pieces of Chronarch armor and equipment have been released per character.

Finally, a Guild system gives players the chance to join like-minded players, designing their own Guild logos and descriptions. These Guilds level up through an XP system just like the game’s characters do, with XP being earned for the Guild by all members as they complete matches. Guilds can have up to 300 members each, with players unlocking new titles and perks for the Guild as it levels up.

ChronoBlade is now available to play for free on Facebook, and is set to launch on iOS, Android and Smart TVs in 2014. Check back soon to follow ChronoBlade on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.

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