Chuck Nips Phil’s Hindquarters for Groundhog Notoriety

The lesser-known, and perhaps more feisty groundhog Charles G. Hogg (a.k.a. Staten Island Chuck) is making a play for publicity over his rival, Punxsutawney Phil again this year.  And Chuck is just one spot behind Phil on the Twitter Trends list at presstime (#4 Happy Groundhog Day, #5 Punxsutawney Phil, #6 Staten Island Chuck).  Perhaps it’s those thousands of underdog residents tweeting and retweeting like crazy, or perhaps it’s because Chuck is betting on an early spring.  Phil is not.

With all the Sh*t being said by New Yorkers about Manhattan, Staten Island can always use a little more love.  The beleaguered borough isn’t known as much of a tourist destination, unlike its rich cousin to the north.  Mafia, landfill, and such aside (more on that can be found in the opening sequence of the extremely dark and disjointed movie of the same name), there are worthwhile sites to see including the grounds of the Snug Harbor Cultural Center and the small, charming zoo where Chuck resides.

Chuck also does sports too:  he’s calling for the Giants to win the Superbowl on Sunday, according to his interpreter today, Mayor Mike Bloomberg.