Chuck Todd Outraged to Have Credit Score Dinged For Unpaid Red Light Traffic Ticket

An unpaid ticket for making an illegal maneuver at a red light has made its way into the credit report of NBC’s Chuck Todd.

“So I just learned the hard way that an unpaid red-light camera ticket can be part of a credit report. That seems ridiculous,” he tweeted Thursday at noon. He followed up with two additional tweets:

  • “My issue with red light cam tickets being tied to credit reports is that there’s no guarantee it was me driving.”
  • “In this era where snail mail is so easily ignored, these red light camera municipalities need to come up with a better way to let me know I owe.”

Todd’s ticket comes from Chevy Chase Village, FishbowlDC has learned. He doesn’t live there but it’s one of many local jurisdictions that turns over unpaid traffic ticket debt to collections agencies… WaPo covered this in late 2011:

If those debt collectors get the stiff arm from motorists, the credit score that people rely on to get mortgages and car loans gets dinged.

A spokesman for the credit service company Fair Isaac Corp. told WaPo that someone with average to good credit could suffer a 50 to 125-point loss on their score.

Todd, we hear, is disputing the ticket.

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