Cisco CleanAir Lets You See Things That Can Interfere With Your WiFi Signal

Many of you with a simple single WiFi access point (WAP) in your home may have run into odd issues that interfered with your ability to use WiFi. You may be fortunate enough to understand wireless technology or know someone who helped you to deal with the issue. But imagine if you managed dozens or hundreds of WAPs in a large building or campus environment. How would you manage the many and often seemingly mysterious problems affecting your WiFi network?

There are a number of products that can help analyze the wireless environment that co-exists with your WiFi signals. Cisco’s new CleanAir product integrates this capability in an enterprise grade managed WAP with custom hardware to perform regular analysis. These kinds of products are usually pricey. However, business and productivity lost because of frequent WiFi problems can also be costly. Anyone who has experienced WiFi issues more than a few times in the office or campus can appreciate a tool to detect and manage these kinds of problems.

Cisco CleanAir provides the following services:

– Detects RF interference that other systems can’t see
– Identifies the source and locating it on a floor plan
– Provides automatic adjustments to optimize wireless coverage around the interference

Cisco CleanAir (product page)

Via eWeek: Cisco CleanAir Delivers Networkwide RF Analysis

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